“Unbelievable Transformation: Witness How She Shed 160 kg to Achieve Her Ideal Self! 🌟💪”

Nikki Weber from America is only 34 years old, but she has weighed heavily since childhood, devouring cakes and burgers without thinking of the consequences.

When the girl grew up, she realized that she needed to lose weight and tried to follow a strict diet, hunger strikes, etc. But each time she broke down, and attacked sweet and fatty foods. And as soon as she started to weigh 295 kilograms, she realized that she had to change her life.

Then Nikki could hardly walk and get out of bed without someone’s help, so she moved into the house with her parents, who did not see her daughter’s problem as something global and did not try not to guide him towards a healthy lifestyle. They even devised a special mechanism that delivered food to him on the second floor.

A program called “My whole 300 kg” came to the rescue, to which Nikki was invited. The program supports obese people and tries to help them lose weight. The girl underwent surgery to reduce the stomach, and nutritionists made a personal diet.

Nikki was very worried and even doubted a little if she could hold back and if she would succeed, but her fears were in vain. The girl pulled herself together, overcame all her fears and in a year after the operation she threw off 90 kg.

Nikki was eventually able to lose 160kg and underwent another operation to remove excess sagging skin, which weighed up to 25kg.

Now the girl weighs 90 kg and is not going to stop there, she does physical activity and walks 3-5 km every day. Nikki herself still cannot believe that she managed to lose weight and become a beautiful girl with a normal life.

At the gym, Nikki met her future husband Marcus, they immediately had feelings, and a year after they met, Marcus offered Nikki to become his wife.

Now Nikki fully understands what a mistake she almost made with herself and thanks everyone who helped her achieve perfection. According to her, a person himself should realize his mistakes and correct them as soon as possible. The main thing is to believe in yourself and everything will be fine!

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