They had six babies – here’s how they are today.

Parenthood is already a huge responsibility. With two children, the problem is doubled. Three… It’s a lot of work. If you have six children born on the same day… This family is a hero!

Their photo went around the world and their story continues today.

Mia and Lozonno McGee met in high school and it was love. They understood each other and, although their families were not close, together they overcame all their problems and difficulties.

They went to see a doctor and started fertility treatment. Their efforts paid off and they accepted their fate.

Ms. Lozonnno had started a carpet and upholstery cleaning business, but when she found out she was pregnant, Mia decided to quit.

When the couple learned that they were expecting a six-year-old child, they were thrilled, but at the same time constantly scared, wondering how they were going to manage to have such a big family.

Their photo went around the world, they were known, admired and envied. An amazing family with six backpacks.

Oprah Winfrey invited the family on her show.

Then they started a reality show called 6 Little McGee.

They revealed the difficulties of a large family, talked about parenthood and how to take care of many small children. People liked the show.

Eventually, the family was able to afford a bigger house, and all six children grew and got better.

Six years later, Maggie and her husband recreated the famous photo. They contacted the same photographer.

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