an adorable two-faced thai cat

This fluffy ball lives in Thailand and its name is simply – Cat.

This time we want to introduce you to a charming Thai girl who, thanks to her extraordinary appearance, will definitely steal the hearts of everyone who sees her.

At the same time, it is known that the cat’s favorite snack is toilet paper, and its closest friend is a cockroach. Yes, we agree, the choice is very strange, but who are we to judge?!

The owner of a cat named Evie, who lives in northeast Thailand, said the cat was born on August 23, 2021. “She’s half Persian, half Scottish,” Evie says. But in fact it differs from other cats in that it has an unusual color of the muzzle – one half is white, while the other is gray.

It turns out that the cat likes to hunt cockroaches, so they can hardly be very close friends. “She’s crazy and loves toilet paper,” Evie continued. She also admitted that she has to hide her toilet paper supplies well, because it drives the cat crazy.

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