“Embracing Life at 70: Proof That the Best Is Yet to Come!”

These old men can do what even the young cannot do. Vladimir has produced a series of photographs that surprise and motivate us all: even people in their sixties or the elderly no longer have their twenties in their minds.

Yvonne Dahl is 86 years old.

This graceful lady has been a figure skater from an early age. She was the victim of a car accident and the doctors strictly forbade her to play sports. She’s an enviable skater who doesn’t listen to her doctors, keeps training, and she’s still the best.

Pat Moorhead is 81 years old.

This “young” old man celebrated his 80th birthday by parachuting from 4,000 meters in a collective jump. He and his wife have traveled the world and visited 180 countries.

Nina Melnikova, 75, and Antonina Kulikova, 75.

These women were introduced to aikido when they were over 70 years old. They now attend trainings twice a week and never miss them.

Greta is 61 years old.

At 59, her doctor diagnosed her with osteoporosis and encouraged her to exercise, and eventually Grandma chose something less boring.

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