A little girl receives a surprise from her missing dad’s colleagues: they accompany her to her first day of kindergarten (+ VIDEO)

The first day of kindergarten is a crucial stage in a child’s life. This is the first real approach to autonomy. Unlike the nursery, you start to learn to manage yourself, to socialize even more among peers and to pay attention to the first instructive, although playful, activities.

A 5-year-old girl started her first day of kindergarten in an unforgettable way. Indeed, she was accompanied by a group of police officers from Tennessee, in the United States, for a very significant demonstration of affection: they were all colleagues of his late father.

Facebook – La Vergne Police Department

Officers from the La Vergne Police Department arrived at the little girl’s home with 20 motorcycles and five police cars to accompany Anna Stolinsky on her first day of school. The touching gesture was made in honor of his father, Sergeant Kevin Stolinsky, who died prematurely after a heart attack struck him while on duty. “I was leafing through a book and went to tell my grandmother that the police had arrived,” said the little girl. Casey, Anna’s mother, knew about the plan after her brother-in-law, David Stolinsky – also an officer in the department – asked her permission.

The woman said she and her daughter then agreed to be driven by Lt. David Durham, an emotionally charged trip for Casey, as it is the same officer who accompanied them to the hospital the night her husband died. “He was the one who drove us to the hospital the night we got the call about Kevin. I sat in that same seat,” she commented.

When they arrived at the nursery school, the family was greeted by a group of officers ready to cheer Anna on as she entered the school building. The police department also shared a video of the precious moment on their Facebook page. “Today was the first day of kindergarten for Anna Stolinsky, the daughter of La Vergne Police Lt. Kevin Stolinsky, who passed away on November 12, 2021,” they wrote in the caption.

“In honor of her father and in support of her family, Anna and her mother were escorted to school by police and surrounded by officers from various departments as she made her way to the gates of hall. The little girl even gave each of the officers a high five to thank them for helping her get to school safely,” they continued. Casey thanked the entire department for the tribute: “It was amazing they honored Anna’s dad all over the world.”

An admirable gesture and a proof of respect that moved the entire web.

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