Audiences laughed at the man they thought was ‘too old’ to dance but he’s stunning

Why do we still judge others on their appearance? We know, however, that appearances are deceptive. The proof once again with this man who is certainly not a teenager but who will set the track on fire!

Sam West is a middle-aged man who loves to dance. He knows what it’s like to fight against prejudice, this type of prejudice, especially in his favorite sport: dance.

Because even though he’s slightly older than his dance partner, and maybe doesn’t look like a typical dancer, he has rhythm in his skin.

Three years ago, Sam and his dance partner Autumn Jones competed in the Carolina Grands Nationals ballet dance competition. But he wasn’t there just to do some extras. He has dexterity, strength and excellent coordination. To get to this level obviously requires countless hours to perfect and be able to win this type of competition.

Fortunately, Sam and his dance partner Autumn were very focused. The duo made a huge impression on both the audience and the jury in a short time.

They dance and propose with great choreography. When you see them dancing, it’s impossible not to be impressed!

They won the contest on the song Pink Cadillac by Jerry Lee Lewis. Since then, their wonderful performance has been watched by millions of people!

See for yourself below and share this video with your friends if you are also impressed!

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