Midas cat – a four-eared miracle

Midas is a special kitty who was born with four ears. This unique feature brought the cat popularity – now her Instagram has more than 100,000 followers. What a miracle!

Midas cat - a four-eared miracle

Kitty named Midas (Midas) lives in the Turkish capital of Ankara. She was born with four ears due to a genetic mutation – as a result, she has normal large ears and next to them are a pair of small ones. In addition, the cat has a deformed jaw – but all these characteristics do not prevent him from enjoying life.

Midas cat - a four-eared miracle

An owner named Janice once rescued Midas from a shelter, and now the cat lives in love and care. The vet’s examination revealed the unique structure of the cat’s ears – the doctor determined that all four auricles were connected to the ear canal. At the same time, Midas hears perfectly, she is a very active and gentle girl.

Midas cat - a four-eared miracle

The hostess posts a photo of Midas on Instagram, where she has already gained more than 130,000 followers. Everyone is surprised at the kitty’s unusual appearance – after all, she really is a beauty, as if she came from another planet!

Midas cat - a four-eared miracle

Owner Midas shows by her example how good it is to remove animals from a shelter. Even though they have developmental characteristics, they deserve the utmost love.

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