a cat with strange ears

Flathead is a black cat who was born with a somewhat unusual trait: ears that stick out to the side instead of pointing up, giving him a rather adorable flat head. He’s perfectly healthy and hears well – he just looks a bit silly.

Cats and so few people can leave indifferent. But our today’s hero is special, and all because of his unusual ears.

Flathead is a black cat with green eyes, but his ears are not directed upwards, but to the sides. Yes, and its name is translated as such, “flat head” is literally “flat head”. He’s a cat named Flathead, and he has unusual ears.

He is in perfect health and hears well. Julian, the cat’s owner, adopted him 5 years ago when Flathead was about 8 weeks old. He said he didn’t know why the cat had such ears.

Her mother was a short-haired stray and all her other kittens have pointy ears.

Julian suggests that it is an unusual and charming genetic oddity. But these ears have an unpleasant property. Other cats have a hard time befriending Flathead because they think he’s angry.

But, fortunately, the cat has a brother with pointy ears who plays with him. Flathead is a very sociable, intelligent and healthy cat.

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