A copy of Bellucci. Kunaki revealed Vincent Cassel’s mother-in-law

Tina Kunakey, 25, was proud of her mom, Nadia. She looks a lot like Monica Bellucci.

She is happy to have a mother of dazzling beauty. Today she posted a series of photos featuring Nadia Kunakey, who appears to be the same age as her daughter. She has a charming smile on her face and squirms for the camera.

Fans of the couple rejoiced over their friendly and family relationship. However, many remembered Vincent’s ex-wife. He and his ex-wife have two daughters. The family saw resemblances to young Nadia and Monica Bellucci.

Tina began working on advertising campaigns at the age of 15, while the first shooting of the Bellucci girl took place when she was 14 years old.

Today, Deva Cassell is 16 years old, but she is as in demand as her stepmother. The girl has a good relationship with Tina, as Cassel’s young wife revealed by showing her a photo of the two of them. Vincent was delighted with his daughter’s latest creation for the magazine.

Kunakey was photographed topless. The actor’s young lover covered her bare breasts with a bouquet of tulips and looked tender and sensual.

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