Dachshund with unique Dalmatian coloration

This cute dog named Mu has won many fans on social media with his black and white spotted coat. The dog is very funny – its head resembles that of a dachshund and its body is all spotted, so Mu is often compared to a Dalmatian and even a cow – jokingly, of course.

Miami-based owner Victoria Hoffman said her family would never have been able to have a dog if not for the lockdown last year. Before that, there was still not enough time, then suddenly a whole heap formed – and thanks to this, a pet appeared in the house.

Dachshund with unique Dalmatian coloration

Fun fact: People seeing Mu for the first time usually mistake his spotted coat for some kind of special dog outfit or even pajamas.

The owner says that Mu is not only cute in appearance, he is also a very pleasant and cute dog.

Dachshund with unique Dalmatian coloration

With such an appearance, Mu is doomed to fame: on the street people often stop and ask to be photographed with him. Victoria says that during the home isolation, Mu tried hard to keep her entertained – and he succeeded.

Dogs aren’t the only animals with piebald coloration. It is also common in birds, cats, cattle, horses, foxes, pigs and even snakes.

Dachshund with unique Dalmatian coloration

However, Mu’s color is special because the hair on the head is very different from the hair on the body. Victoria maintains an Instagram account dedicated to her pet, and it already has over 60,000 followers.

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