Deep neckline and bald head? Billionaire love interest Jeff Bezos struck a chord with his look

When Jeff Bezos, 58, founder of Amazon, divorced his wife, with whom he had lived his entire adult life, many expected him to have an affair with a young celebrity.

However, the millionaire chose Lauren Sanchez, a socialite of almost the same age. At first, netizens reacted with skepticism to the romance between the businessman and his publicist, but soon realized that they looked happy next to each other.

Plus, despite her age, Lauren looks great.

The billionaire sweetheart has a slim figure and smooth skin. This isn’t just down to Ms. Sanchez’s athleticism and genetics, but also her love of beauty injections.

Many people thought the promoter went too far, as she was an avid athlete and her body became more muscular, her legs thickened and her face became unnatural with the addition of fillers.

However, Lauren was very happy with her body.

The image of her on the ski slopes with her boyfriend is proof of that. Sanchez walks around the station in a black helmet, goggles, jacket and pants.

What’s unusual about that? But even on the snowy, cold trails, Sanchez unbuttoned her jacket and blouse, almost exposing her breasts.

The agency even joked that not a day goes by that the socialite doesn’t show off her perfect figure, but there were moments that showed Sanchez’s approach was wrong.

The publicist usually strives to look her best, but when she walked around without her helmet, many people noticed a big “smudge” on Lauren’s head.

“What’s on his head?

She is bald?

I can’t tell if she is gray or bald”

“I’m scared of her hair now,” and “I wish she had her head cut off, it’s not that bad,” the New Zealanders said.

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