Florent Pagny in chemotherapy: he contracts a new disease in full treatment

Florent Pagny has announced that he has lung cancer and is undergoing chemotherapy. The singer contracted another disease in the middle of The Voice.

Last January, Florent Pagny announced that he had inoperable lung cancer. As he goes through chemotherapy sessions, the singer wants to continue The Voice and is present for his foals. However, he was somewhat weakened after catching another illness while filming.

Florent Pagny with cancer

On January 25, Florent Pagny announced very sad news. The 60-year-old singer has lung cancer and has to undergo several chemotherapy sessions.I have just been diagnosed with a tumor in the lung, a not very sympathetic cancerous tumor which cannot be operated on”he said on Instagram.

The interpreter of Know how to love had to resign himself to stopping his anniversary tour and is now in “warrior” mode to overcome the disease. Nevertheless, while he is present in the new season of The Voice, the companion of Azucena Caamaño decided to continue the show and assembled his team.

Florent Pagny, who learned that he had cancer during the filming of the telecrochet, hopes to be present for the lives. In the meantime, he do their best to support his little proteges for the next Battles. However, he was held back during rehearsals after contracting another illness.

Florent Pagny forced to isolate himself

If Florent Pagny responds well to chemotherapy, he still had to face bad news during the filming of The Voice. Indeed, while he wanted to coach his team, the singer learned that he was suffering from another disease. Marc Lavoine’s friend had to isolate himself and found a technique to accompany the show’s contestants.

“You have been warned. I am like everybody else. I took the Covid. I’m positive.” he said to Nathalie and Maggy. Florent Pagny thus had to give his valuable advice from a distance, but seems to have recovered well from the coronavirus. Moreover, he was not the only patient during The Voice. Jade, present in her team, also had to rehearse from a distance since she had the Covid-19.

Florent Pagny found his team a few days later and was in great shape. “That’s it, it’s over. Now we are protected”, he said, relieved, in an extract from TF1. Despite his heavy chemotherapy sessions, the singer does not let go of his little proteges from The Voice and is very happy to unearth new talents.

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