The 155kg model swims in the pool in the new photos

Model Tess Holliday, 37, is overweight. The American diva’s updates are followed by nearly 2 million Instagram users. The adorable American recently showed how much she appreciates a well-deserved vacation. Tess’ video of herself in the pool has sparked controversy.

Not all netizens share the tolerant stance of Holliday fans. “She’s widened again”, “Tess, think of your son”, “You have a little heir”, “Tess, it’s time to be smart”, “Your face is so pretty”, “Why do you do this ? ” dear?”

“Would be very beautiful”, “Incredibly beautiful facial features, but the shape leaves much to be desired”, “Poor woman”, “Can nutritionists not help beauty?”, – Network users wrote in comments.

The tallest model in the world is Tess. You can’t look at these images without feeling guilty.

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