All in Sight: Demi Rose Reveals a Dress No Decent Girl Would Dare to Try

Model Demi Rose, 27, isn’t nicknamed the “British Kim Kardashian” for nothing.

Although Kim has experimented with her image and ditched the hot brunette look, the two women still have a lot in common. Rose is almost 15 years younger than Kardashian. Stars also love to surprise their fans with hot snaps.

Half the men in the audience will love a photo shoot in a micro swim suit or see-through robe. Moreover, even Kim and Demi started out as members of popular reality TV shows, so their paths to stardom are similar.

But while Kardashian has gradually moved away from provocative outfits, Rose has focused on more revealing outfits. And the strategy has paid off, as the new photos are talking about them all over the world and making headlines in the tabloids.

Demi is far from a fashion icon, as she continues to wear flashy dresses, micro-shorts and bodysuits made from tiny scraps of fabric that only celebrities would wear.

When Demi posed without underwear in a semi-sheer white dress, she got even naughtier — it seems one wrong move could expose more than Rose cares to reveal.

The cleavage set a seductive record, the outfit looked like a piece of cloth, and Demi covered only the most bare parts of her body.

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