Father finds kidnapped son after 24 years of searching

The two-year-old son of Chinese peasant Guo Gangtang was abducted by an unidentified woman in September 1997 while playing near his home in Liaocheng city.

More than 500 people searched nearby bus and train stations for the boy, but to no avail.

Local police immediately formed a task force to investigate the matter, but were unable to locate the child due to limited technology at the time.

However, Go Gantan didn’t want to give up. Tying a banner with his son’s portrait to a motorbike, he set off in search of his little one. Having traveled about 500,000 km, Guo has traveled to almost every province in the country in 24 years and changed 10 motorcycles during this time.

He spent all his savings, asked everyone who crossed his path, ate what he could find and slept where he could, and once he even had to borrow several hundred thousand yuan.

Father finds kidnapped son after 24 years of searching

“I thought if I started looking for my son myself, there was at least a shred of hope that I would find him. After all, the kidnappers definitely won’t want to send him back, and if I stay home, we’ll never be able to see each other,” Goh said in an interview. .

The touching story of a father’s love inspired Chinese filmmakers to create the film “Loss and Love”, which was released in 2015. The main role in the film was played by no one, but by the actor Hong Kong cult Andy Lau.

Father finds kidnapped son after 24 years of searching

In June 2021, a miracle happened: police found Guo Gangtang’s son using China’s national DNA database. It turned out that her son lived very close – in the neighboring province of Henan. Father and son met after 24 years of fear, pain and loneliness:

Andy Lau himself happily congratulated the father and son, “I am very happy and excited that Brother Guo’s son is finally found after 24 years of searching and reunited with his family through police work.

Father finds kidnapped son after 24 years of searching

I would like to tell Brother Guo that I admire his perseverance and also ask you to support everyone who is fighting against the kidnappers and hope that all the separated families will meet again one day,” the actor said.

Police have arrested a couple suspected of kidnapping and selling Go Gantan’s son.

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