A brave husky discovers a box full of dying kittens and adopts them.

The Banner dog definitely has a very big heart.

In addition to often caring for her owner Whitney Braley, who has disability issues, she also enjoys helping other animals.

This adorable dog with a big heart is 3 years old, and her owner has taught her since birth that she can help her in case of need.

She knows how to recognize the arrival of PTSD, headaches, can act as a guide, knows how to bring medicine and much more.

This owner and her dog love saving other animals that are going through bad times.

She says they save a lot and she loves little cats. Last year, a cat ended up in her home after being found in a canal, and this noble husky raised him.

This poor cat is still part of their family and in that time she has brought over ten groups of kittens.

Her dog came across seven little kittens, which had just been born. They were in the middle of the woods, inside an old box.

Of course, she immediately informed her mistress, to whom she then brought them.

When she put her head in the box, she carefully picked up the little kittens and took them to another safe place.

Someone seemed to have done it on purpose. He locked them in this box in the hope that they wouldn’t survive.

They obviously hoped that no one could reach them. It’s also weird that Banner sniffed them inside since they weren’t making any sound.

It’s awful to think about it, and even more so to do it. Leave them to die alone in the woods, horrible.

Banner has been in their company constantly since he brought them. She certainly feels proud and happy.

She has been sterilized for a year and a half, but has great maternal feelings.

The owner of this beautiful dog decided to find a real home for the kittens where they will be safe and loved

She says she’s overjoyed because Banner gave these kittens a chance to live their lives.

Congratulations to this extraordinary dog, he has done a lot! You can find her profile on social networks and look at many other interesting photos.

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