A man prevents a thief from stealing the bag of an 87-year-old woman (Video)

Deshawn Pressley sprang into action when he saw a man attempt to steal an elderly woman’s purse from a grocery store. He pursued and held the suspect until the police arrived.

Pressley states:

“Hearing the woman’s voice screaming and being scared, I knew I had to do something.

He ran past me and I chased after him. He got to his car, but I grabbed him, held him down, pulled him down. I did what I had to do until the police came.”

The suspect, Derek Vaughn, 58, of Middletown, has been charged with robbery and theft, according to the sheriff’s office.

Pat Goins says she was shocked by what happened, but she had kind words for Pressley.

“You really are a wonderful person. I owe you more than I could ever thank you for and I want you to have a great life, a great year.”

The Butler County Sheriff’s Office presented Pressley with a Citizen’s Award. He and Goins reunited during the presentation.

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