“Beluchi was much nicer.” Vincent Cassel disappointed fans after a daring photo with Tina Kunaki

Among the stars, the pair of Vincent Cassel and Tina Kunak is considered one of the brightest and most sincere, but at the same time causes conflicting feelings among fans.

The reason is the age difference. Cassel is 30 years older than her lover. This is partly why, at the beginning of their idyll, almost no one believed in his longevity and his sincerity. But, despite the pessimistic predictions, these two still can’t get enough of proving their feelings for each other. This year, Cassel and Kunaki will celebrate five years of marriage and eight years of their passionate romance.

At the same time, the haters’ attacks have not yet calmed down. Some, seeing the last joint photos from the paparazzi, note that this couple looks like a grandfather and a granddaughter. Others say with regret that Vincent has lost a lot of weight and weight, and this does not represent the actor.

But here the main reason is again different. Fans couldn’t forgive Cassel for breaking up with Monica Bellucci. The Italian actress is considered a true icon, the epitome of beauty, intelligence and style. And according to netizens, Kunaki, even with all her youth and beautiful figure, does not match her.

And now, when Vincent shared a daring photo with Tina, commenters again compared him to Bellucci. And not in favor of Kunaki.

Nobody can beat Bellucci. She’s a diva and Kunaki is just a young girl.”

“Honestly, she is very beautiful, but Monica is much more beautiful.”

” So young ! I’m sorry, but it looks like your daughter, not your wife.

Needless to say, at 57, Bellucci remains a real sex symbol. There are not many such women.

A recent shoot for German magazine Madame proved the actress looks flawless at her age. On the cover of Pail, Monica appeared in a sparkling champagne-colored blouse, the “highlight” of which was to be completely translucent. Only a small group of golden sequins covered the strategic locations

Here’s what the French actor looked like with Monica and what he looked like with Tina.

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