Desperate mother elephant crying for help leads rescuers to her trapped baby

Elephants are known as very intelligent and very social beings, so naturally when it comes to their babies, these majestic creatures are overprotective and able to do anything to keep their calves safe, even those in a herd. different.

After a few months, an elephant calf got trapped in a concrete hole in Thailand, its mother desperately trying to help it.

But unfortunately, she can’t do it on her own, so she cries out for help because her baby’s life is at stake.

The elephant’s cry for help brought together a group of people who had no idea what had happened. But soon realized that the huge elephant is trying to communicate something to them.

Things got worse after the mom elephant got too close to an electric fence. Since she fainted, people have been rushing to turn off the power and help her get back.

Only then did they realize what the elephant’s intentions were. After coming to her senses, the elephant led rescuers to where her helpless baby was trapped.

The little calf got stuck in a small hole full of mud for hours. The rescuers therefore had to hurry to get him out, but it was not an easy mission.

Scared and exhausted, the baby elephant started to panic and things couldn’t have been worse. The rescue team started digging around the hole, but they had to be extremely careful not to injure the small calf.

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