Living reincarnation! A true copy of Princess Diana stunned the audience.

Diana Spencer was one of the smartest and most influential women of her time. She has made a significant contribution to the lives of millions of people. She is always called the “princess of the heart of the people”.

Lady Di was loved by ordinary people, and even though she died 25 years ago, she is still adored around the world. There are many films about this iconic woman, but probably none that accurately portray Princess Diana.

However, blogger Rose van Rijn, based in the Netherlands, managed to come close and accurately recreate the image of Princess Diana: in 2021, a young girl began to experiment.

At that time, she was only 21 years old. Rose has changed her hairstyle and costume. She started dressing like Lady Di. After all, it was no secret that Princess Diana was a true style icon.

Rose got bolder and started appearing that way in public. She was only seen as a reincarnation of Princess Diana. Rose looks so much like Lady Di, it’s a wonder she looks so much like her. Rose’s popularity is now off the charts and Lady Di fans are waiting for bloggers in the UK.

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