She grew up and became an unreal beauty! Users did not recognize the girl from the meme.

The “Hold On, Charlie” video quickly went viral and became a real meme. The show, by the way, was about the funny and absurd situations that happen in little Charlie’s family. In this image, the protagonist is indignant, arms outstretched.

The expression and acting of the actors delighted viewers, so the picture was broadcast all over the network.

It should be noted that the role of little Charlie was played by tiny actress Mia Tellerico. She was perfect for the role. Despite Mia’s young age, her popularity continues to grow.

Her parents were convinced that their daughter would make a spectacular career in Hollywood. However, Mia herself chose a different path. She disappeared from the screen and took care of herself.

Mia focused on education and personal development. She started doing bodybuilding and dancing. Looking at Mia now, fans wouldn’t recognize the meme favorite in her. Telerico has become a real beauty. She does not regret having abandoned comedy.

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