The man thought he was saving the dog from the freezing water, but it turned out to be a wolf.

Construction workers saw a dog struggling in the icy river in Pärnu, Estonia, to get out of the water. They decided to help him.

Rando Kartsepp, Robin Sillamäe and Erki Väli helped each other to finally rescue this unfortunate animal and pull it to shore. They then wrapped him in a towel to keep him from getting cold.

According to one of the three, it was quite heavy and they had to carry it up the slope.

They quickly called the emergency services, after which they took this animal to the vet.

As the experts said, this animal was very withdrawn and obedient, which is actually the result of low blood pressure.

The vets also weren’t sure exactly what they had on their hands, and then the local hunter told them they were actually saving the wolf.

The Estonian Animal Welfare Association announced on social media that the wolf was very tired when they arrived on shore. He remained frozen for a long time. Then a young man ran to get a towel as quickly as possible. Quickly, the wolf was put in the car to warm up, and they called the animal protection association.

The union had to think a bit about the situation that has arisen, namely what to do in the early hours of the morning when you have an unhappy dog ​​in front of you, which may be a wolf.

EUPA told the media that they are very happy and happy that this is all over and thanked everyone involved in this story, especially the rescuers of this unfortunate animal.

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