Woman Inexplicably Jumps Zoo Fence To Get Close To African Lion

Zoos can be a great place to see animals.

Their exhibits strike a delicate balance between allowing visitors to see the animals up close and unobstructed, and keeping a safe distance enough to protect both humans and animals.

It’s a bad idea under any circumstances to break the rules and enter an animal’s enclosure, even if it’s a “safe” animal…which makes the decision even crazier of a woman jumping a fence to come face to face with a lion.

The Bronx Zoo is home to a den of African lions.

Visitors have the opportunity to see these majestic animals in a natural yet safe way.

“In this exhibit there are low walls, so you want to get close enough to see what’s going on, but you don’t want to have these high fences in front of all the exhibits,” zoo visitor John Rubbo told CBS New York. “It takes the fun out of the zoo.”

But one visitor took advantage of the low walls and, in a bizarre decision, jumped the fence to enter the enclosure, exposing himself to giant jungle cats.

The woman uploaded videos of her stunt to Instagram on September 28, seemingly proud of her “fearless” stunt.

“Funny cause you hear Grown Men Scared,” she wrote. “Only the people weren’t scared, it was me and the kids… I REALLY HAVE NO FEAR OF NOT BREATHEING ANYTHING!!”

But there’s a fine line between brave and stupid, and people were quick to point out that jumping into the lion’s den is an obviously terrible idea.

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