11 beautiful years of friendship between a lion and the trainer who saved him (Video)

This is the heartwarming story of 11 years of friendship between a lion and its beloved guardian.

Frikkie Von Solms has spent her entire life caring for feral cats in South Africa, and at least 11 of those years caring for Zion.

During these years, the two lions have forged a solid friendship, becoming the best friends in the world!

Zion is a sweet and loving African lion who was born in captivity but was separated when his father threatened his life.

So he needed someone to be there for him, like a parental figure, and that’s where Von Solms came in.

As he was born in captivity, he could not be released into the wild, and Von Solms adopted him as a newborn.

Under the protection of his new guardian, he transformed into a little angel, a gentle giant, because he was surrounded by love and security.

In fact, Zion is so sweet that he’s bothered by the sound of shoes stepping on the floor.

That’s why, out of respect and love for Zion, Von Solms always takes off his shoes before taking his big cat for a walk.

Check out the full story in the video below:

“It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience growing up with him, learning and experiencing all the stages of a male lion’s life with him,” Von Solms told the Daily Mail.

“People talk about lions as if they were just African cats, but they have personalities, they have humor and they laugh.”

“Zion is a gentle giant. He has never attacked humans, and I trust him completely.”

The couple are so close that they share a bed and a truck! Von Solms says he bred 19 great CVs in all, but Zion “is special because of the bond we share. I learned so much from him”

Von Solms wants to show that while lions can be dangerous, some of them are just big tender ones!

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