The following sequence shows a poor dog who was trapped in frozen water. When the firefighter approached him, the ice cracked! In fact, I’m very grateful that I don’t live somewhere cold enough that the water freezes every winter. The dog was stuck in an icy river for over an hour. When rescuers arrived on the Sheyenne River in Fargo, USA, nine-year-old black Labrador Lola was trapped in the frozen water.

A local yacht club near the river tipped off authorities after realizing Laura couldn’t escape. The West Fargo Regional Fire Department was able to attach a rope to the inspector named Miller and pull him back inside the frozen river. He slid down the frozen river and headed towards Lola so he could approach the adorable, frightened dog.

The inspector said: I was moving cautiously but was unaware that the water was freezing at minus 6 degrees Celsius. His handler told us that he let the dog swim a bit as he was used to swimming in rivers and seas. I made sure I was firmly attached to the rope and started to move forward on the ice. As I approached Lola, I heard her moan and called her to calm the frightened dog. I managed to grab her neck and help Lola onto the ice. He must have been frozen because he wasn’t moving. The fireman then pulled on the rope that tied me down and brought me back to shore, where I was able to examine Lola. He had a small cut on his leg and was very cold, but otherwise he was perfectly fine.

Without this help, the owner could not have saved poor Lola. They were great at coming up with an emergency rescue plan – and they were rewarded when they saved Lola! Watch the video, the inspector was very nervous when he approached him as the ice was breaking! After the incident, firefighters warned owners to keep their dogs away from potentially dangerous frozen ponds, lakes and rivers and to keep their feet out of the snow. If your dog runs on ice, never chase him. Ask for help from the emergency services instead.

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