Belly and hair augmentation: You definitely haven’t seen Vin Diesel like this

“Forsage” has become Vin Diesel’s business card. Viewers are used to the image of the fearless street racer and ex-con, but the actor tried his hand at other roles.

Perhaps the most misunderstood film in the filmography of this celebrity is the Find Me Guilty project from 2006. To participate in it, however, the actor had to dramatically change his appearance.

He transformed from a skinny, bald macho into a baggy, plain man with hair and a belly. To embody the not-so-young mafioso Jackie DiNorgio,he had to gain at least 15 kg.

Interestingly, this film by Sidney Lumet not only allowed the actor to appear to the audience with a different image, but also fully showed his acting skills.

Those who saw the film noticed that the actor did not play an intrusive sportsman, but covered a rather dramatic role.

He had a belly and hair. We have never seen the star present himself like that.

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