“She already does not fit in the XXXL”: Tess, who weighs 155 kg, has trouble fitting into a huge costume – it is too tight.

With her 155 kg, Tess Holiday has once again chosen to dress outside her forms.

The American, who rose to fame a few years ago, decided to take up modeling despite her voluptuous figure, and she was not wrong: Tess became instantly popular, even reaching the status of the most complete model in the world. world.

Holiday fans have often hinted that it’s time for her to slim down. However, the model does not agree at all. Despite the impressive figure on the scale – more than 155 kilos – Tess refuses to lose weight. Each time, she says that she is happy with her figure and that it is not difficult for her to enjoy life in the same way as skinny people.

Therefore, her wardrobe is filled with crop tops, mini dresses with a deep neckline and various shorts. A lot of people don’t like this outfit because it highlights all of Tess’ flaws, but the model herself finds it beautiful

Now Holliday wanted to try on a black tracksuit consisting of a hoodie and shorts. The designer’s idea was that it should be oversized, but when Tess tried it on.

The model’s wrinkles and cellulite on her legs are emphasized by the outfit.

These pictures look very vulgar and even comical for fans. So they again advised Tess to change her wardrobe for one in her size.

“Looks like his shorts are about to burst”, “What an outfit”, “Since when did oversized suits get tight”, “Tess, stop wearing that stuff”, “Let’s find him a stylist”, “How many times can she wear these ridiculous and ugly outfits”, “This tight suit looks ridiculous”. Netizens shared their opinions.

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