Who is the “unlucky one” now? Find out how Britney Spears’ little sister grew up

Britney Spears managed to build a dizzying career and make a fortune. Meanwhile, the artist’s younger sister, Jamie Lynn, has never been more popular and has always kept herself in the shadow of her famous parent.

The situation has now changed. Due to problems with illegal drugs, Spears left the stage. She was declared legally incompetent and lived in captivity for 13 years, being in the care of her father. Lynn, on the other hand, does not have such a scandalous past: she has always managed her life alone and built an acting career.

It is impossible to call her filmography rich, however, Jamie Lynn, unlike her sister, has an attractive appearance and a happy personal life. The actress has been married to businessman Jamie Watson since 2014, to whom she has a daughter.

Moreover, with Britney, who sometimes shocks the public with her candid photos and videos, Jamie Lynn does not support communication. Earlier, Spears accused her sister of being mean, noting that she didn’t stand up for her when she needed it so badly.

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