“Deflated lips, swollen face”: Jolie was filmed on a walk – she lost all her legendary beauty

Angelina Jolie has been considered since the beginning of her career as one of the first beauties on the planet.

Millions of men dreamed of a seductive actress, and girls admired and envied her appearance. In cosmetology and plastic surgery, the terms “Pretty angles”, “Pretty cheekbones” and “Pretty lips” even appeared – thousands of customers came to see doctors who wanted to bring their face closer to the ideal. And Angelina was the ideal.

But over the years, the actress began to lose her charm. Of course, the trigger was a divorce from Brad Pitt. The star became completely different from herself: she became depressed, almost stopped eating and lost weight almost to a critical condition.

Now, as for the figure, the actress is almost in shape. Yes, she is very thin – according to many, even too thin. But scary thinness is long gone.

But when it comes to the face, Angelina quickly began to lose her beauty. On the red carpet, thanks to makeup artists, she always looks flawless. But in everyday life, things are much sadder.

The other day, the paparazzi photographed Jolie for a walk with her adopted daughter, Zahara. The star mother was not at her best. The plump and seductive lips have become much thinner and the once perfect oval of the face has “slipped”.

“What happened to her, she somehow got ugly”

“Some stars even look younger at 50”

“It seems that her naughty character is reflected in her face,” the commenters began to write under the new photos of the actress.

Yes, many are sure that the reason for these changes is not only age. And not even that Angelina lost weight extremely, then recovered again. Ah… in character.

“At 20 you have the face nature gave you; at 30, you have the face that life has shaped for you; and at 50 you have the face you deserve, ”many netizens recalled this quote when looking at the actress.

Recall that if earlier, after a divorce from Pitt, many felt sorry for Jolie, as more and more new details came to light, sympathy was already on Brad’s side. And the implausible latest story of how Pitt beat and strangled his family members and the trial after so many years has completely disappointed Jolie fans.

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