Everyone dreams of such a groom: Uma Thurman’s son made people gasp

Uma Thurman was blessed to be the mother of many children. The artist has two daughters, Maya Ray and Rosalind, as well as a son, Levon Green Hawk, whose name comes up more and more in the press.

This year, the star heir celebrated his 20th birthday. It should be noted that he followed in the footsteps of his mother and linked his life with cinema. He already has at least one bright project in his piggy bank.

Levon appeared on the popular television series Stranger Things. It’s curious that her older sister Maya got her start in the same band – it was after that that she became a star who has an army of fans and a multimillion-dollar social media following.

Meanwhile, Levon is also showing great promise, and it’s no surprise. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that everyone dreams of a groom like him. The mere appearance of Uma Thurman’s son will make anyone gasp. The actor grew up to be a real handsome man, claiming to be the main conqueror of women’s hearts in Hollywood.

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