“I will take your hand”: Lisa-Maria Presley visited the Golden Globes two days before her death

Elvis Presley’s only daughter attended the ceremony to support a film about her father’s life. Reporters, photographers and others at the event noticed the star’s unsteady gait and confused speech.

Jackson’s first wife moved slowly and chose her words carefully, answering questions about King of Rock ‘n’ Roll star Austin Butler. At one point, Lisa Maria even needed outside help.

“Let me hold your hand,” she said, turning to Jerry Schilling. The longtime manager had worked with Elvis Presley and later with his daughter. The presenter moved and leaned on his hand.

The internet is talking about Lisa Maria’s last tour. We see right away that there is something wrong with her!”. If you’re not feeling well, why are you going to events?

How can you treat health like that?” “Does anyone suspect that she absolutely needs to see a doctor?” writes the blogger.

Elvis Presley’s daughter has suffered a cardiac arrest. The doctors could not save her: Lisa Maria died in the hospital.

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