The Genetic Jackpot: See What Sylvester Stallone’s Three Daughters Look Like

The heiress of the actor has become a real beauty.

Sylvester Stallone is not only a successful actor and Hollywood star, but also the father of several children.

He had two sons from his first marriage, one of whom sadly died in 2012, and three daughters from his third marriage to model Jennifer Flavin.

When Sylvester is pictured with his heiress and wife, it’s hard to look away from him.

It’s as if both girls hit the genetic jackpot and were inspired by their parents’ looks.

The blonde-haired sisters look the most like their stepmoms.

Stallone’s oldest daughter, Sophia, 26, is a graduate of Columbia University.

She has held several roles in movies and TV shows and now wants to develop her own fashion and cosmetics business.

Both girls produce their own lifestyle podcasts.

Stallone’s youngest daughter, Scarlett, turned 20 this year.

Judging from her social media, she loves spending her free time with her friends and siblings.

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