Vera Wang 73, dressed in a top and shorts, is mistaken for her 30-year-old daughter

More and more women today are taking the initiative and proving that aging can be postponed.

Think of Ms. Dolina, who appears in public in mini-dresses, regardless of their passport number. It seems that the goddess of the hearth has a Western rival.

Fashion designer Vera Wang recently celebrated her 73rd birthday.

Being the same age as a grandmother, she tends to wear interesting clothes that young people in their twenties would wear. One day, Vera was mistaken for her 30-year-old daughter.

“She is not old”, “She has the shape of a young girl”, “How is this possible?” “Well preserved”, “It’s hard to call her grandmother”, “I don’t have the words”.

“How can you look thirty when you’re seventy-three?” and comments expressed their admiration for the fashion designer.

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