Brigitte Bardot: Her life adapted into a “con biopic”? She tackles this project made without her…

Brigitte Bardot does not have her tongue in her pocket. Asked by our colleagues from “Journal Du Dimanche” about the series about her life, soon to be broadcast on France 2, the ex-actress gives her opinion very honestly and does not validate the project.

With the upcoming arrival of the biopic-style mini-series titled Hinny on France 2the former mythical actress – taking refuge in her house in La Madrague where she confronts tourists – shares her clear-cut opinion on the project with our colleagues from Sunday newspaperin an interview published on December 31, 2022. On the occasion of his entry into the ranking of the 50 favorite personalities of the French – in 49th position -, Brigitte Bardot, known for her outspokenness and her fairly frequent rants, does not mince her words.

Brigitte Bardot at the heart of a biopic: has she validated the France 2 series?

The series will retrace the life of BB through six episodes, produced by the mother and son duo composed of Danièle and Christopher Thompson, and will be broadcast during the year 2023. Asked by our colleagues about the project, the actress now 88 years old, still as cashrespond : “I don’t even know about this stuff! But I don’t care: the only thing that matters is my real life, with me in it, and not bullshit biopics!“. Brigitte Bardot therefore does not validate this project of France 2 which looks back on the different stages of her career but also of her personal life.

Brigitte Bardot has turned the page on her acting career

Brigitte Bardot has simply moved on, another life after the cameras and declares that she is fulfilled, she who lives in the South of France and devotes her time and her money to her foundation in favor of animals. She thus entrusts the Sunday newspaper : “I’ve had enough of the spotlight, so I’m happy to sit in completely natural lightwhich suits me well and makes me happy“.

In addition, the ex-actress discusses the reasons that, according to her, explain why television and the media in general like to talk about her life so much. “There must be a connection with my simplicity of lifeshe says. The fact that I don’t give up and that I respond a lot to those who need help: when someone is alone, sick or in distress, I take care of it“. Which, despite her divisive remarks on other social issues, makes her still popular.

A series on the glory and scandals of the life of Brigitte Bardot

The six 52-minute episodes everyone will come back to the career of the actress, including her beginnings as a young star. The series will explore different aspects of Brigitte Bardot’s life, both private and professional: her loves (she has been married for 30 years to Bernard d’Ormale) her period of glory but also her scandalsas with the movie release And God created womanin 1956, shot by Roger Vadim, her lover at the time.

Last June, France 2 announced with great fanfare the end of filming between Paris and Saint-Tropez with an exclusive image of the main actress, Julia de Nunez, stunning in the skin of Brigitte Bardot, with her voluminous blond hair, his clear eyes framed in black and his sulky pout.

Brigitte Bardot finally in the JDD ranking

The star integrates for the first time the famous classification of the JDD on the 50 favorite personalities of the French. “I never understood why, until now, I didn’t appear in your Top 50 because I receive lots of letters from wonderful people who declare their love and support me: they thank me for saying things true, not to practice jargon, and they tell me that they agree with me. What touches me the most is that they find me human, kind, good, generous. It makes me very happy“, she said.

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