Celine Dion: 5 things you didn’t know about the singer!

She who has always presented herself as an open book for her fans, has now chosen to distill information about her life in dribs and drabs. Celine Dion, who suffers from Stiff’s syndrome, is not certain of going back on stage one day… What do you know of the Quebec diva?

Tubes galore (So that you still love me, Talking to my father, One more evening, If it was enough to love, My Heart Will Go On…), awards around the world (Grammy Awards, Victory de la Musique, Juno…), a cult love story (with René Angélil), lucrative residencies in Las Vegas (at Caesars Palace)…

Celine Dion has carved out an exceptional destiny for herself and if, since her beginnings in show business in the 1980s, the general public thinks they know everything about her, there are still a few facts that are truly known to diehard fans… Here are 5 things you (perhaps) didn’t know about the Quebec diva!

Celine Dion was booed on stage because of René! Indeed, before becoming an international star applauded all over the planet, the singer multiplied the small stages and small rooms. In 1988, at the beginning of her American career, she performed in Toronto for Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day. Her manager, René Angélil, invites executives from Sony-Canada and Sony-USA so that Céline reveals her talents in English. Very bad idea: she had been invited to sing by the French-speaking community of Toronto – at the Harbor Front – and the fact that she did not sing in French during this party was very badly received. “When Céline sang in English, they booed her copiously (…) Céline was visibly disconcerted”, can we read in the official biography signed by Georges-Hébert Germain. This will serve as a lesson to René, who will always put Quebec in the spotlight later in the singer’s career.

Celine Dion is addicted to peanut butter! Renowned for her slender figure, which has earned her in recent years to be the subject of rumors of anorexia, the singer does not refuse to succumb to the pleasures of the table. If we know that with her late husband she liked to eat couscous – a revelation that we owe to C to you – the diva is especially addicted to peanut butter, she confided in 2019 to CBS Morning. On the food side, she also became the owner of the Schwartz’s brand in Montreal.

Celine Dion escaped death at only 2 years old. The diva lived a happy childhood with her brothers and sisters in her province of Charlemagne, in Quebec, but, however, she did not go far from the drama. “At two years old, she was hit by a car in the courtyard of the house [le chauffard est un membre de la pègre local, ndlr]. All give her for dead; she will only have a slight concussion even if the doctors will admit that she is not far from the disaster”, we read in the book Céline Dion, between dream and reality that Loïc Tremblay dedicated to her.

Celine Dion owns a private jet. The star made a fortune with his songs, his tours but also merchandising and his multiple contracts with brands (L’Oréal, Air Canada, Chrysler…). Today, his fortune is estimated by Forbes at $470 million. So, after having used the private jet of the Caesars Palace group for a long time, the star would have bought a jet from the Bombardier company for the sum of 42 million dollars. The chosen model? A Global Express XRS.

Celine Dion has authorized one of her songs to be used in an election campaign. Indeed, if the star has never openly taken a position in politics, everything suggests that she leans on the side of the Democrats in the United States. His song You and I had thus served as a soundtrack to the campaign of Senator Hillary Clinton, envy of the presidential election of 2008.

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