Secret Affair With A Married Man: Julia Roberts Reveals She Has Someone Else’s Name

The 55-year-old actress decided to check her family tree. Julia Roberts revealed that she was from a secret relationship between a relative and a married man.

The cult film star Pretty Woman thought she knew everything about her immediate family, but she’s convinced she was gravely mistaken. Julia took part in an unusual experience for herself. She became the hero of Ancestry’s “Finding Her Roots” program and, with the help of Dr. Henry Louis Gates Jr, learned more about her family tree through archival, DNA, and research work. genealogy.

The actress was shocked to find out her last name wasn’t actually Roberts. A search of his family’s archives revealed a secret scandal. It turned out that her great-grandmother, Rhoda Suttle Roberts, had been having an affair with a married man after her husband Willis Roberts died.

A search of Georgia records revealed that Rhoda married a man called Willis Roberts in the 1850s. Julia took the surname Willis. However, Willis died in 1864, more than ten years before Rhoda gave birth to Julia’s great-grandfather, John. Therefore, a conclusion was in order.

A review of public records shows that Willis is not listed in the 1880 census and Julia’s great-grandfather is listed as John Pendleton Roberts,” says Dr Gates.

The historian explained that his team dug deep into state records but could not find any other details about the identity of the actress’ great-grandfather. But I’m not Roberts?” – The Hollywood super diva was shocked.” Henry replied, “Willis Roberts can’t be your great-grandfather, he’s dead.

Scientists therefore carried out a DNA analysis and took samples from the actress and her cousin to find out who her great-grandfather’s father was. Julia and her cousin discovered a web of connections to the same man…Henry McDonald Mitchell Jr,” an expert said.

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