The granddaughter draws a sweater for her school homework: the grandmother knits it

Children have endless imagination and creativity and every opportunity is good to unleash them and create priceless things. Whether it’s what they say, do, invent or draw, they always know how to leave us adults speechless. This is why, as far as possible, we try to reward their intellectual vivacity with small and large gifts that make them happy.

So thought a grandmother in the UK, who made something very special for her beautiful granddaughter.

Julie Cordiner is the grandmother of a cute little girl who, as Christmas approached, had to do a very special school assignment. One of his teachers had asked the whole class to create, by drawing, a Christmas sweater. The sweaters were to be given out at an event organized by the school to raise funds for a charity organization. The little girl in question, like all her classmates, drew her clothes and amazed her grandmother with her beauty.

A big Christmas tree filled with colorful balls, lots of gifts under the tree, a handsome Santa Claus next to it and lots of little blue stars hanging over the stage: how could such a surge of creativity remain only on paper? This is perhaps precisely the question that Julie asked herself and which led her to make her decision. She knitted the garment and made sure the little girl wears it to the school event.

In two photos posted on social media, the grandma shared the drawing and the child smiling and happy in front of the Christmas tree. “My granddaughter drew a sweater for schoolwork and I decided to create it,” the woman wrote. “Her expression when she opened the package was wonderful.”

A very emotional moment that received a lot of praise from users. Many people have seen the photos and have not failed to praise both the imagination of the little girl and the skill of her grandmother to make it a reality. Not to mention that the post has become a pretext to remember similar works, special moments spent with his children or grandchildren, an opportunity to share his own photos and much more. We know well that Christmas is perhaps the most magical time of the year and the time when hearts are opened and deep displays of affection are exchanged. Exactly what happened between Julie and her niece.

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