A woman who has lived in the forest for more than 20 years has agreed to show her house

For more than 20 years, Emma Orbach, a Scottish woman, has lived in the forest in total autonomy, without running water or electricity. A way of life that suits him perfectly.

In 1999, Emma made the choice to settle in a forest in Wales, far from the city. With only 800 euros, she built her house out of wood and assembled it with straw and mud.

A graduate of Oxford, Emma Orbach feeds exclusively on what her vegetable garden, her chickens and her goats offer her. It uses water from a nearby source and heats with wood. To get around, she takes her horses. Finally, Emma needs almost nothing.

On the other hand, she must pay a monthly tax of 63 euros to the town hall on which she depends. To support herself, from time to time she welcomes clients to her “hobbit” house, an activity she enjoys.

Emma did not decide to choose this way of life to isolate herself from others. It was because of the discomfort of the modern world that she decided to leave. She could no longer bear the omnipresence of lights, pollution, noise and constraints in the city. In nature, she likes to enjoy simple things away from pollution, she particularly appreciates natural light and total darkness.

For more than 20 years, Emma has lived in the forest to the rhythm of the sun, rising and setting with it. This lifestyle may not be for everyone, but she proves to us that there are other ways to live.

Find out how Emma lives in the forest, in the video below:

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