Animal Defender Finds Three Tiny Pink Creatures – This Is What They Would Have Looked Like When Grown Up

There are many interesting animals and species.

It is also important to show them respect and take care of them in the right way.

Many people are familiar with the most common pets: dogs, cats, rabbits, horses and various types of farm animals.

But in this case, we are going to take a closer look at an animal that probably many people are not yet aware of.

It’s Instagram user fuzzyfawnwildlife who wants to draw our attention to what to do if you find a small orphan animal on the loose. They mainly work with injured or orphaned deer which they rescue, care for and then release back into the wild.

“A lot of times when people call and ask for help, they tell us, we tell them they need to leave the babies and give their mom a chance to pick them up,” they wrote on Instagram.

But this spring they got involved in something very unusual.

– In this case, a user called after trying to give the mother a chance but they had been without their mother for 24 hours…. These three are newborn flying squirrels. Wild, pink creatures that can’t be left alone for long. They are too small, fragile, they dry out quickly, their body temperature drops. Flying squirrels are nocturnal, and if the mother hasn’t returned during the night or after six hours, young like these need immediate help, writes Fuzzy Fawn Wildlife.

These species are found in the southern and western regions of Finland, as well as in the Baltic countries and parts of Asia. In North America there is also another variant.

– Do not try to feed them. Keep them as warm as possible without handling them until you get help. Unfortunately, none of these three animals survived, they weighed only 3-4 grams.

The organization is now urging people who see small, vulnerable animals like these to first seek information about organizations and authorities that specialize in wildlife and can deal with them.

So what does an adult flying squirrel look like? Well, it’s silver gray above and almost completely white below. Between its front and back legs, it has a fold of skin that allows it to glide on air. His eyes are black and very large. The length of their body is about 13.5 to 20.5 cm, except for the tail which measures between 9 and 14 cm. Its weight is estimated at around 95-170 grams.

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We are very sorry that these three little animals did not survive. At the same time, we think it is important to disseminate knowledge, and that you get in touch with local authorities who are experts in this field. In Sweden, for example, you can contact the Environmental Protection Agency

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