Fans say Lara Fabian shouldn’t post photos of her body at 52 – Ignoring criticism, she shows off her workouts

At 52, Lara Fabian is comfortable in her skin thanks to her workouts. Moreover, in her photos, the singer is always beautiful and radiant. However, it is not always unanimous.

Lara Fabian took to the stage at the Olympia on October 3, 2022. And the least we can say is that despite her age, the singer is still as lovely and in very good shape.

Moreover, a few hours before her show, the interpreter of “I love you” took a photo of her in undress. Then posted on his Instagram account, the photo in question sparked many comments. And some have not been very complimentary.

Internet users attack Lara Fabian for showing her body at 52

It’s been some time since Lara Fabian started a Best Of world tour. So, after being in Belgium, the Canadian singer recently set foot in Paris.

A great opportunity for her to promote her latest book “Tout”, attend a few Fashion Week shows. But above all to find his French fans.

Note that for the latter, the beautiful blonde had already planned two shows in the mythical hall of the Olympia, one of which took place on October 3.

Moreover, it must be said that it was a real success, since the interpreter of “I am sick” has received many positive comments on social networks.

In any case, she had already prepared well before her show, to see the snapshot that she shared in her dressing room a few hours before going on stage. She even revealed herself in a small outfit in the photo. And with her hair down and her transparent pantyhose, the former juror of “The Voice” was simply magnificent.

Only then, everyone was not of this opinion. Indeed, some Internet users criticized her on Instagram, believing that she should not post photos of her body.

“Do you really need to get naked?”

wrote one of them. While another remarked, “You’ve gained weight.”

Despite the criticism of some Internet users, the beautiful Canadian can still be happy and proud, since she still has her many fans who support her. Many of them even left glowing comments on her photo.

“(…) this Lara photo is magnificent”, “Always so radiant !!(…)”, “still splendid”,

can we read.

Lara’s Crazy Workout Routine

Like many celebrities, Lara Fabian also has her secret to staying in very good shape and keeping her beautiful figure: sport.

And yes, the singer spends a lot of her time working on her abs, sheathing, step sessions, etc. And she always gives her all during her training hours

Moreover, in 2020, the ex of Patrick Fiori had published on social networks several photos and videos of her, training near her recording studio.

“I don’t give up Thanks to @joseelavigueur for these sports sessions that do me so much good”,

she captioned a photo.

Note that sometimes, the wife of Gabriel di Giorgio also trains alone. This was particularly the case when his coach went on vacation.

In short, for Lara Fabian, playing sports has become a routine, especially since it brings her a lot of benefits. Note that it is thanks to sport that the physique of the fifties has undergone an incredible evolution, over time.

Accept yourself at your age

If today Lara Fabian is happy in her skin, this has not always been the case. In fact, for many years, the Belgian-Canadian singer did not appreciate her body at all.

Moreover, she has already confided in this subject during an interview with Gala in 2013.

“I indeed happened to mistreat my body (…) For years, I did not love myself, I lacked tenderness towards myself”,

she said, before concluding:

“I finally feel at peace with myself (…) My relationship with my body has become much simpler (…) as I get older, I feel like I have harvested the best of what I could become. I accept myself as I am, knowing that I am not perfect”.

The least we can say is that currently, the interpreter of the song “I still love you” assumes his physique perfectly. And that’s not all. At 52, she also likes to appear natural.

On Sunday July 9, 2022, for example, the artist posted a photo of her without makeup on her Instagram account. And it must be said that it suits him very well. Besides, wrinkles do not bother her at all. On the contrary, she wears them wonderfully.

In any case, on the picture, the wife of Gabriel Di Giorgio is very lovely. Note that in her publication, she revealed her beauty secret.

“After sunbathing under the sky of my beautiful Sicily, I take advantage of a moment of relaxation to moisturize and take care of my skin”,

she wrote in the caption of the photo. A publication that has delighted its many subscribers.

“you are always beautiful, because the soul is reflected in the eyes and in the smile that do not lie”, “You have the charm of a goddess Lara”, “You are rejuvenated from day to day You are all the very beautiful And lovely weather (…)”,

can be read as a comment”.

For information, this is not the first time that Lara Fabian appears naturally on social networks. On June 11, she already published a photo of her natural hair, and without makeup. Of course, she was very beautiful and radiant.

His anorexia problem and his daughter’s passion

Few people probably know it, but several years ago, Lara Fabian suffered from anorexia. Fortunately, she managed to overcome this disorder, thanks to his only daughter. Always by her side in good and bad times, the latter has grown well and is very passionate about cooking.

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