Julien Doré reveals a PHOTO of his son and turns the page: “No more show business”

ulien Doré ended his “Aimée Tour” tour in December 2022. “No more show business”, declared the singer, who is now taking a break to recharge his batteries with his family. The father of the family has also unveiled an unpublished photo with his son, born in 2021…

While Vianney has just announced that he won’t be performing on stage again for a few years, it’s the turn of Julien Doré to take a break from his career. The 40-year-old singer, who became a father just like Vianney, ended its tour in December Aimee Tour with a last date on December 11, 2022 at the Forest National in Brussels. Behind the scenes of this final show of his tour have also been filmed and the short film is now available on YouTube, entitled Back Home. In this film, we see in particular the moment when Julien Doré left the stage at the end of his concert, hidden behind a pink curtain which separated him from his audience. “The curtain was closing. There was something super strong about being both hidden and at the same time three meters from the people who were always there (…) But that tour deserves an end. It’s great to finish very very high again. It’s perfect. It sucks, but it’s perfect“, he confides facing the camera, in his dressing room after the show.

Julien Doré, “surprised” by the end of his tour

Both nostalgic and on a little cloud, Julien Doré continued to deliver his feelings in this little film: “It’s still weird to do all that, to work so much, build so much, for it to always end… It’s crazy. It’s as if you imagined the pyramids of Egypt but dismountable. We do an incredible job and once it’s beautiful, at the most beautiful… We dismantle. It’s weird. But hey, it’s always like that, I’m not going to be surprised. I feel like I’m surprised every time“. And to conclude:This tour was still way above anything I’ve done“.

Julien Doré, back with his family: PHOTO with his son on Instagram

The artist hit the road again the day after this last concert. As he was packing his bags, he blurted out with emotion: Damn, I don’t like those times“. But these difficult moments still have a part of sweetness since, for the singer, it is time to turn the page and find his little family. “No more glitter, no more show business, back to our family life“, he declares on Instagram and in the small documentary.

Julien Doré, who keeps the identity of his new companion secret, has therefore returned to his cozy nest, in the Cévennes where he has lived for a few years after leaving Paris. He found his beautiful, their son and his beloved dogs, Jean-Marc and Simone.. The singer also celebrated the new year with his family and posted a photo in which he appears with his son, on Instagram. “On the way to 2023. Beautiful & happy new year to you my plump sheep”, he told his followers. A page turns, another begins…

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