Susan Boyle will leave you speechless again when she covers a wonderful Christmas classic

The end of the year is approaching and we obviously hear more and more Christmas songs everywhere. Sometimes even a little too much! However, if the song is performed well, it’s hard to get tired of it and that’s precisely the case with this interpretation of the great Susan Boyle!

In December, many people enjoy listening to old classics but also more pop covers of mythical seasonal songs.

‘Little Santa Claus’, ‘Silent Night, Holy Night’ are among the best known Christmas songs. Some people love to listen to them while shopping, at home by the fireplace, or while unwrapping presents. But did you know that ‘O Holy Night’ is actually a song written by Placide Cappeau and originally called Christmas Carol (Midnight Christians).

It was in 1847 that this French poet wrote this now internationally known classic. As we can read on Wikipedia it is:

on December 3, 1847 that he wrote, during a journey by stagecoach which took him to Paris, between Mâcon and Dijon, the poem Minuit, Christians, at the request of Father Maurice Gilles, parish priest of Roquemaure. In fact, this hymn was written before 1847 under apparently more mundane circumstances. Moreover, although he was the author of what the composer Adolphe Adam, who put his words to music, called the ‘Marseillaise religious’”.

Translated into no less than 300 languages, we mainly know the French and English versions. And among the most beautiful performers we have the chance to listen to is the amazing Susan Boyle, whose majestic performance we can discover below.

Susan Boyle became famous after participating in the British pageant An incredible talentwhere she left the jury speechless with her beautiful singing voice.

The singer begins the song slowly and completely amazes the spectators. In the background we hear a children’s choir which makes this moment even more fantastic. Together they sing so well that it’s hard to hold back tears.

Watch the performance in the video below and don’t forget to share this article if you too thought it was perfect for this holiday season.

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