The day we lose our mother, we also lose a part of our soul

Whether unexpected or predictable, the death of a loved one can be heartbreaking, especially when it involves someone as precious as the mother. In fact, the loss of a parent is one of the most difficult trials that we as children can face. Old age, illness or the randomness of life are factors over which we have no control. In the face of grief, we must be determined to accept that in losing our mother, we have also lost a part of our soul.


To relieve our problems, listen to our problems or simply soothe us with her presence, a mother is the eternal confidant of our life, capable of being a real balm for our hearts. Combining wisdom and kindness, she guesses what is wrong and without saying a word, she always finds a way to comfort us.

In addition to its educational role, it is above all a friend, counselor and voice of reason for her children ; because whatever our age, we are and always will be her children, those for whom she will never hesitate to sacrifice herself, often to the detriment of her own well-being. This is how she marks her presence in our daily lives, indelibly and immutably, to remind us that we are never alone, even after her death.

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At the announcement of the terrible news, he it will seem that the world has collapsed on us, and it will be normal after a while to look for a solid pillar, a reassuring presence, a strong love like that of our mother. It is unfortunately a difficult search because, of course, no one can replace the presence of a mother, but life goes on and you have to learn to live without her, do your best and keep in mind that his physical absence is not a reason to give up everythingon the contrary: for the bereaved person, it is necessary to know how reconstruct their emotional identity.

We never forget the death of a loved one, we just get used to it. Once the vertigo of the first days has been overcome, the real work on oneself begins. A test put in place by life, to learn how to get up without the help of a mother who has always been there, a mother who, if she had been there, could have relieved the suffering linked to this difficult period. Little by little, armed with strength and courage, we must therefore welcome the bereavement which, despite the terrible suffering that accompanies it, is an essential step in moving forward. We must not forget that in addition to the loss of a loved one, pain is also confronted with a new reality: that of our own mortality. By losing what we considered eternal, we are more aware that everyone’s life has an end and that it can happen at any time.

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