What Matt LeBlanc’s daughter looks like, for whom he put his career on hold

Matt never intended to become an actor. He got into acting by accident, and his first project didn’t make any money. But then “Friends” was created and LeBlanc became a celebrity.

The series ended on May 6, 2004, a year before the actor married Melissa McKnight and became a father. His granddaughter, Marina Pearl Leblanc, stole her father’s heart early on.

“I remember the day he was born very well. When I saw her, I immediately fell in love with her and felt a change in me. I could not believe it. I knew then that I would love him no matter what, even if he smashed my car,” says Leblanc.

But the joy was short-lived, as her daughter started having seizures when she was eight months old. She was eventually diagnosed with focal cortical dysplasia, a brain disease that affects neurological functions. To stay close to his baby, Matt started cutting back on his shoots.

In October 2006, LeBlanc divorced his wife and left television. I don’t want to express my joy. I don’t know if the marriage failed, it was a great relationship. I don’t know if it deteriorated because of my daughter’s illness, or if I was so focused on my work that I got lost.

“For years I barely left the house. I was too tired. I didn’t want to see anyone, I didn’t want to make an appointment, and in fact I did. Most actors call their agents and ask if they have work. I called mine and told them to take my number for a few years. It was hard work, wasn’t it? It was driving me crazy,” Matt says.

Fortunately, Marina overcame her illness and has been a completely healthy girl for many years. Matt is very close to his daughter and it’s a pleasure to watch her.

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