Laly Meignan celebrates her 55th birthday: what becomes of the star of Hélène and the Boys?

Laly Meignan, the bubbly star of the series “Hélène et les Garçons”, celebrates her 55th birthday on January 5. Time flies, right? And to think that we still saw the piquant brunette in the cafeteria or in the garage at a rehearsal… But what has become of her?

For all French people, it is Laly, the young woman from the sitcom Helen and the Boys, who punctuated the chain TF1 between 1992 and 1994. But the actress has one regret about her role: she would have liked his character, named Laly (just like her) has a first name other than hers. Many fans find it all the more difficult to distinguish between fiction and reality, often at their expense. “At one point, Laly had a free attitude towards men. When she was with John (Richard Pigois), the father of Fanny (Elsa Esnoult), many fans thought it was great. But quickly, I was called a ‘bitch’ because my character had deceived John. I didn’t like it“, she confided to Tele-Leisure.

Laly Meignan, “secret”: she does not look like her character

People tend to think what they see on TV is real. Usually I am askedi look like my character, if I’m a little crazy for example. I tell them no, it’s a composition role. I’m not flashy, I’m not goofy, I don’t steal other people’s boyfriends… I’m pretty secret. I’m just a little messy“, she had also specified.

From Hélène and the Boys to the Mysteries of Love

The actress Laly Meignan, born January 5, 1968 in Boulogne-Billancourt in the Hauts-de-Seine, celebrates her 55th birthday on January 5, 2023! This (sublime) daughter of a Brazilian mother and a French father first started modeling, then dancing before “by chance” starting a career on television.

Become a cult heroine, mother of two children and businesswoman accomplished (in lingerie items), the actress made an impression on our minds! Laly arrived to replace Cathy Andrieu in episode 70 of Helen and the Boys from 1992… And never left the sets of AB Productions! Laly Meignan then embodies the character of Laly, a sassy young woman in love with Sébastien (Sébastien Courivaud, actor and photographer who will also resume his role in The Mysteries of Love).

Girlfriend with the whole gang, Hélène (Hélène Rollès), Nicolas (Patrick Puydebat), José (Philippe Vasseur), Christian alias “Cricri d’amour” (Sébastien Roch) and Bénédicte (Laure Guibert), Laly quickly won over fans of the soap opera . When the series ended in 1994, another derivative show was launched: The Miracle of Love. Laly Meignan is immediately called back to the casting, where viewers discover the students gathered in the same house. The group of friends then flies to the West Indies to Holidays of Love between 1996 and 2007. After a few years away from the role he made her famous, the pretty brunette returns to her first love… And embarks on the adventure of Mysteries of Love in 2011 !

Theater actress, sexy designer and TV star

The best friend of Hélène Rollès has made a few appearances in the cinema, as in Chinese portrait in 1996, then again on television in Island Detectives in 1999 and Flamboyant Bay between 2007 and 2010.

Between two shoots, Laly tried her hand at other professions: co-presenter with Patrick Puydebat to IDF1 Morning in 2008 then alongside Sebastien Roch in 2009.

The actress also walked the boards for the play The Lady with Camellias in September 2009. A year later, in 2010, Laly Meignan decided to go into business by creating his own brand of underwear called lalylingerie. She opens an eponymous underwear boutique in Nice.

Laly Meignan, mother of two boys

On the heart side, the star was in a relationship with actor and director Nicolas Filali(Pierre, Jeanne’s fiancé in season 1 of Holiday of Love) in the 2000s. Milano, now 21, was born of their union. Laly became a mother for the second time with the birth of Liam in 2007fruit of his love with photographer Patrick Canigherfrom whom she is now divorced.

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