Man has been missing for 5 days but police make miraculous find in car wreckage

Unfortunately, not all cases of disappearances end well. Some people are never found and their loved ones remain in an interminable wait. A family has reported a missing man who never made it to work. But luckily 5 long days later a police patrol found a car wreck as ABC13 reports.

Wednesday, June 26 was supposed to be a typical workday for 32-year-old José Velazquez. However, he never showed up at his company and his co-workers grew concerned. They contacted his family and his fiancée. Jose was reported missing. This would mark the beginning of a drama that lasted a few days.

ABC13 explains that Jose, along with his fiancée and some good friends, went to a bar in Houston. When they all said goodbye, they heard no more from the young man.

A search was organized and everyone quickly realized that something serious must have happened. As the days went by, the chances of finding José alive became less and less great.

After five days, a number of volunteers were about to stop the search when someone saw the white bumper of his car in the woods.

This sparked a glimmer of hope, but when the police examined the car, no one was on board. Moreover, five days had passed. Who could have survived such a car accident and five days without water or food?

Despite the not very optimistic statistics, Jose was found a little further from the wreckage. And he was still alive.

Jose was immediately hospitalized. It will probably take some time before he fully recovers. It is nevertheless a miracle that he is still alive!

The cause of the accident is still unclear, but the video below provides additional information. We wish José a lot of strength and a speedy recovery!

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