Britain’s biggest family is expecting their 21st baby

Sue and Noel Redford are Britain’s most heroic parents. During the years of marriage, they had 20 children. More recently, the couple solemnly announced that their 20th child, born in September, will be their last.

And now not even six months have passed and Sue is expecting a baby again! This time, as the couple announced in their video blog, they will have a daughter.

Sue Redford and her 47-year-old husband, Noel, live with their children in Mocambe, Lancashire. “We can’t wait to see you, our little treasure! – Sue wrote on her social media page, referring to her unborn daughter.

With the little ones, they shot pink confetti from firecrackers in their yard, announcing to the whole neighborhood that they were expecting a girl. ” I can not believe it! Sue said. “Usually I know exactly what sex the little one will have. And this time, I was completely sure it was a boy. »

Britain's biggest family is expecting their 21st baby

After giving birth to her 20th little one and 11th son, Archie, in September after an hour of labour, Sue said she would be happy to settle on that ‘wonderful round number’. “Sometimes we had to finish,” said Mrs. Redford.

We both believe that moment has arrived now. I’m a little sad, but, on the other hand, we can just enjoy the company of our little ones. However, it soon became apparent that the Redfords had failed to deliver on their promise.

Britain's biggest family is expecting their 21st baby

Archie, the smallest Redford to date, just turned 8 months old.

Sue and Noel Redford have known each other most of their lives. They met when Sue was seven years old. Their first baby, Chris, was born 28 years ago. Sue was only 14 years old. Neither Sue nor Noel knew their real parents: they were placed in foster families immediately after birth.

Therefore, they firmly decided that they would not refuse the little one. They got married and moved into their own house. Three years later, 17-year-old Sue gave birth to her second baby, daughter Sophie.

Britain's biggest family is expecting their 21st baby

When Sue gave birth to her 19th baby, daughter Phoebe, thousands of people – readers and viewers of her blog – congratulated the family on the newborn.

Sue and Noel became grandparents for the first time when Sophie had her first little one. Then the daughter and mother gave birth with a difference of about a month. Sophie now has three little ones.

Britain's biggest family is expecting their 21st baby

Sue, Noel and the little ones live in a posh $350,000 Victorian home, a former orphanage they bought 11 years ago. The Redfords are very proud of the fact that, despite the more than modest family budget, today they have no credits or loans.

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