Conjoined twins were separated when they were four: Girls are now 18

In February 2002, Jake and Erin Herrin had two daughters, Kendra and Maria. The arrival of the two Siamese twins aroused ambiguous emotion. The parents rejoice at the birth of their newest family member, but quickly begin to worry about his future.

Kendra and Maria lived together until they were four years old. However, the parents eventually decided to separate the twins so they could be independent.

Kendra and Maria only have two legs and can only use one of each. However, the girls quickly learned to cooperate and were able to move and play.

In 2006, a team of 31 specialists performed a Siamese Separation Surgery, which lasted more than a day and received media and television coverage, making Kendra and Maria little celebrities. The girls were separated when they were four years old. Since then, they have fended for themselves.

Adapting to their new life was difficult, but they adapted quickly: after three years, the sisters began to attend school, sometimes alternating with home schooling. The sisters developed their creative talents together. They sometimes spend hours drawing in their room while singing their favorite songs.

Kendra and Maria have always shown their peers that despair does not exist. That’s why they are called school heroes and their classmates always try to help them. Now, Kendra and Maria live full lives. They can walk any distance to reach each other, but they want to be close to everything. They have a driver’s license and are good drivers.

The sisters have a YouTube channel and social media pages where they share interesting events in their lives. The twins have tens of thousands of fans.

The Herrin sisters are friends with Kelly and Carter, the mothers of the conjoined twins. They have a wealth of life experience gained in similar circumstances and offer sound advice and support to their daughters. Kelly and Carter are also considering divorce, but their parents have yet to make a decision. Do you think conjoined twins should be separated?

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