‘Sons look a lot alike’: How are actor Robin Williams’ two sons and daughter?

Robin Williams was a brilliant actor who combined gifted acting, unparalleled inner charm and the ability to bring a sincere smile to the audience.

Robin began his career as a comedian, performing in clubs. His shows are a success and his popularity is growing day by day. At the age of 26, Williams starred in her first film, which would be the catalyst for the development of her acting career. During his lifetime, he acted in almost 100 films, participated in the dubbing of animated characters and worked as a producer and director.

Sadly, he passed away five years ago, but his favorite movie characters will forever be remembered. And their memory will forever remain in the minds of viewers.

Robin Williams was married three times and had two sons and a daughter.

Robin Williams’ eldest son, Zak, is now 36. He was born from the actor’s first marriage, to model Valeria Velardi. Zak is an aspiring film actor, mostly appearing in episodes of television series.

Zelda’s mother is Marcia Gerseth, the second wife of Robin Williams, who once worked as a nanny for her eldest son.

Zelda is a 30 year old actress. She also voices animated characters and works as a screenwriter, producer and director. She has more than 30 films to her name, the most famous of which are the TV series Blutbad, the comedy Nuby, etc.

The family tradition of acting has not been broken, as Cody, the second son of Robin Williams’ second marriage, starred in more than 70 films, including big-budget films, over a 28-year span. . This year, Cody hit a big milestone in his life by marrying his girlfriend.

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