A dad leaves his 3-year-old daughter alone in the kitchen for 10 minutes: she eats 18 pots of yogurt

How hard is it toto be a parent ? There are those to whom it comes more or less naturally but, in general, no one is born knowing exactly how to behave as an adult in such situations.

Of course, when you become a mom or a dad, you don’t just have to deal with difficult situations, there are also a lot of funny situations – especially in the early years, when you are dealing with young children who are slowly learning. to fit into the world.

Arron Jeff Whysall, from Nottingham, is the father of two children, including little Olivia, 3, a very intelligent girl, who took her father by surprise while eating 18 yogurts in a very short time.

Facebook / Arron Jeff Whysall

Papa Arron had left little Olivia sitting at the kitchen table when he went out into the garden for a while to do some gardening. After 10 minutes, he returns home and finds himself faced with a tragicomic spectacle: little Olivia is sitting at the table, with 18 empty yogurt pots.

“Olivia, you ate them all ?” his father asked incredulously. The little girl, with a touch of pride and a spoon proudly clutched in one hand, replied, “Yes.” To see her, it looks like she almost wanted more.

Facebook / Arron Jeff Whysall

After recovering from the shock and making sure that these yoghurt pots were not used to “paint” the walls, dad Arron immortalized this memorable scene. The photo went around the web, generating empathy and hilarity. Indeed, looking at the proud face of little Olivia, one cannot help but smile.

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